Primal Test

The textbook definition (if only there were textbooks on such matters) of Primal, as it pertains to the D/s lifestyle, might describe it as:  1. a person who trusts and acts upon his or her animal instincts;  2. a role that is neither consistently dominant nor submissive but can be either depending upon the environment, situation and personal dynamic at work;  3. a type of BDSM play that focuses on the animalistic aspects of relationships and sexuality.

primal-testPrimals are a relatively new phenomenon in the BDSM culture; one that is still regarded with a great deal of curiosity by those who have long been content to categorize everyone in the D/s lifestyle as a Dominant, submissive, or switch.  There was just one little problem with that classification method, however.  It left an awful lot of people standing on the sidelines, wondering why they didn’t seem to fit neatly into any of those three categories.  Primalism is often associated with animal play, pet play or furries, and while it may share key characteristics with them, it stands apart from them due to its focus on instincts, perception, disdain for social conventions, and an agonizingly unpredictable D/s dynamic.  This all may seem a bit confusing to you until you actually get to know someone who is a Primal, or suddenly come to the realization that you happen to be one, yourself.  With that in mind, the best place to start may be by asking yourself the following questions:  Am I a Primal?  If I was, how would I know? 

I’ve come up with just the thing to help you learn the answers to those questions.  It’s an amusing little quiz, which I’ve narcissistically entitled “Michael Makai’s PRIMAAL Analysis.”  The PRIMAAL acronym stands for Preliminary Research on Instinctive Mannerisms & Assessment of Animalistic Loving.  I created the PRIMAAL Analysis for three reasons.  First, I believe it may be able to help a lot of people who may be Primals, and have been struggling to find their niche in the D/s culture.  Second, I think it does a pretty good job of illustrating many of the common mannerisms and characteristics of Primals to those who may be unclear on the concept.  And third, creating it was a lot of fun.  If you can’t have a little fun while writing a book, then what’s the point?

So, at the risk of again sounding like a worn-out Jeff Foxworthy comedy routine, we’re going to explore some of the tell-tale signs which may indicate that you just might be a Primal.  To take the quiz, simply use a pencil (so you can erase the marks later) to darken the circle next to each statement with which you find yourself in complete agreement.  If the statement doesn’t seem to apply to you, or you are not sure what it means, don’t worry too much about it.  Just move on to the next statement.

Take the Primal Test

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